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Velux Roof Window Services

Velux windows and roof lights are renowned for their striking visual appeal, practicality, and reliability.

For 80 years, they have dominated the global market for roof windows, making them the preferred brand for homeowners and business owners alike who seek to incorporate loft roof windows or other types of roof windows into their renovation, extension, or loft conversion plans.

Our Velux Products

Velux Installations

Our team of Velux installers is capable of supplying and fitting any type of Velux window, including classic top-hung, centre-pivot, Cabrio Balcony, and roof terrace windows. Rest assured that your installation will be carried out to the highest standards by our team.

Most Velux roof windows can be installed without the need for planning permission and can be fitted from the inside in just a few hours.

Velux Replacements

If you need to replace or upgrade your Velux window, you can rest assured that the process is straightforward since standard sizes have remained unchanged for many years.

By opting for a Velux replacement or upgrade, you can benefit from advanced ThermoTechnology energy efficiency and a range of glass options. All windows can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Velux continuously updates and innovates, ensuring that their windows feature the latest in roof glazing technology.

Velux Repairs and Servicing

We provide comprehensive services for maintaining your Velux windows, including regular servicing and repairs. Our team can assist you with a wide range of services, such as re-glazing, replacing broken remote control, and upgrading.

If you are experiencing issues with your roof windows, such as draughts, condensation, or leaks, we can diagnose and repair the problem. We can also replace handles or vent bars and repair flashing. By maintaining and repairing your roof windows, you can extend their lifespan.

Velux is renowned for its high-quality roof windows technology, offering a wide range of designs and sizes suitable for various applications such as lofts, bathrooms, offices, and more. As a Velux-trained company, we can assist you in choosing the perfect windows for your requirements. Our services include installation, maintenance, and repair of all Velux windows and accessories, including made-to-fit Velux blinds.

Investing in Velux windows is always a wise decision, and with proper maintenance, they can last for many years. Our new installations come with a standard 10-year guarantee, ensuring that any issues that may arise during this period will be resolved free of charge.

In addition to Velux products, we also provide maintenance and repair services for other types of roof windows. Contact us now at 07572 814560 for more information.

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