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Professional Roof Windows and Velux Windows Installations

Roof windows and skylights from Velux can significantly transform the appearance and ambience of any indoor area. They can brighten up your home with natural light and enhance the flow of air, letting in up to three times more light compared to vertical windows.

If you’re renovating your loft space to create extra storage or an additional living area, or you’re adding an extension and need skylights, Yorkshire Roof Windows can help you achieve a better living atmosphere.

Velux is the leading manufacturer of roof windows and is renowned for setting high standards of excellence. Their roof windows offer clever designs and profiles, making them a versatile glazing option suitable for all types of premises. With our range of Velux roof windows, skylights, and roof domes, you can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any project.

Roof windows are ideal for all residential and commercial spaces, including:

Converted and unconverted loft rooms






At the core of the Velux brand lies innovation, with their extensive research and engineering resulting in products that offer endless possibilities. Our team can manage the entire process of installing pitched roof windows and flat roof windows, providing expert advice on the most suitable options to meet your requirements.

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Trained Velux Installers For New Roof Windows

At Yorkshire Roof Windows, we specialize in carefully planning roof window installations for various projects like pitched roof extensions and new loft conversions. Our expert team ensures that your space is filled with the right amount of light and fresh air to create a stunning, warm, spacious, and bright room that adds value to your home.

While patio doors or bifold doors may look impressive, Velux windows have the advantage of bringing in twice as much daylight as vertical windows of the same size and allow you to replace stale and stuffy air with fresh air. With our expertise, you can achieve the perfect balance of light and air in your home.

Install Velux windows

Repair Velux windows

Service Velux windows

Replace Velux windows

Renew Velux windows

We can evaluate the area and provide recommendations on the suitable type, quantity, and dimensions of windows. Optimal window selection will be influenced by various considerations, such as:

Roof pitch: The pitch of your roof determines the most suitable style of roof windows to install.

Internal finish: Velux windows come in various finishes, such as white and wood grain, enabling you to coordinate your windows with the interior design of your property.

External finish: While Velux windows usually come in a standard grey aluminium finish, you can choose from a variety of colours to match your property’s exterior.

Glazing: Multiple glazing options are available for Velux windows, including double and triple glazing for added insulation, smoke ventilation systems, and toughened glass for enhanced security.

Accessibility: You can select either manual, electric, or solar-powered roof windows.

Cost-effective: We specialize in installing top-quality roof windows at competitive prices. Our team can provide you with a free quote without any obligation for your new window installation or repair and maintenance work. We do not charge any hidden fees, including the dismantling and disposal of your old roof windows.

Respectful: At Yorkshire Roof Windows, we take great care to respect our customers’ properties and will always cover furniture and floors before any installation. We aim to minimize any disruption and can complete over 95% of all roof window installations from the inside.

Recommended: At Yorkshire Roof Windows, we receive high recommendations and a significant portion of our business is through repeat clients and referrals by satisfied customers.

Velux windows come in various design styles, and all can be fitted with accessories, including blinds. Most installations can be completed within a day, with the majority of fittings done from inside the property.

Our roof window installers prioritize a seamless installation process while ensuring your property’s interior remains protected. We also take away any old glazing for your convenience.


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