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A Complete Range of Velux Windows and Roof Windows Installed In Thorne

At Thorne, we provide a comprehensive range of services for roof windows and Velux windows. With Velux being the pioneer in roof windows, they offer a wide range of products to cater to all requirements. Our services include not only the installation of new windows but also the maintenance and repair of existing roof windows. We also offer upgrades for skylights and roof windows.

Velux and roof windows are multi-functional products that offer style, luxury, and ventilation. They are designed to withstand harsh British climate and weather conditions and provide excellent energy efficiency and sound insulation. These windows are built to last a lifetime and come in various styles, materials, shapes, and accessories, including Velux blinds.

At Yorkshire Roof Windows, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional quality workmanship at competitive prices. Our team offers customised roof windows solutions that cater to your unique requirements, whether you are constructing a new property or extending an existing one. We are also equipped to provide glazing upgrades for your family home.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Loft roof windows
  • New roof windows and Velux windows
  • Roof window replacements
  • Velux re-glazing
  • Electric and solar-powered windows
  • Conservation roof windows
  • Renewing Velux windows
  • Roof window maintenance
  • Servicing and repairing Velux windows
  • Modular skylight systems
  • Velux windows accessories, including blinds
  • Bespoke skylights
  • Sun tunnel installations
  • Flat roof windows and pitched roof windows
  • Roof domes

To speak with the team at our Velux-trained roof windows company, please call now on 07572 814560.

Skylight Replacements and Roof Windows Replacements In Thorne

There are various reasons to consider renewing or replacing your Velux windows in Thorne. While Velux windows have a lengthy lifespan, there may be a point where replacing them is more practical than repairing or renewing them.

  • More light and air: The latest Velux window designs can increase natural light in your property, promoting well-being and productivity.
  • Improved insulation: Velux’s newest window generation features Thermo Technology, which maintains your property’s warmth and helps reduce energy bills.
  • Excellent ventilation: Velux windows come with ventilation bars that allow fresh air to circulate, regardless of the weather.
  • Complete range of windows: We offer a wide range of roof windows to fit any need, including flat roof windows, pitched roof windows, conservation area windows, and windows for roof terraces or balconies.
  • Quick and easy: Replacing roof windows can be done quickly and easily by our experts, with a potential completion time of just four hours from the inside without the need for scaffolding.

Choose Velux Replacement Blinds For Your Roof Windows In Thorne

All roof windows in Thorne can benefit from specialized roof window blinds, and if you choose Velux windows, you can opt for their stylish, energy-efficient, and versatile blinds.

One of the main advantages of installing roof windows is the natural light they bring into a room, making it feel warm, welcoming, and spacious. However, these windows let in much more natural light than vertical windows, so it is important to be able to control the heat and light in your loft room, kitchen, bathroom extension, or other rooms in your home.

Our Velux-trained roof window installation team can supply and fit all types of Velux blinds, providing you with complete control over the amount of light entering your property. These blinds can keep your home at a comfortable temperature, give you unobstructed views of the outside world, and preserve your privacy. With countless designs and styles available, you can find one that fits the look and feel of your residential or commercial premises.

Styles include:

  • Velux Roman blinds
  • Velux roller blinds
  • Velux pleated blinds
  • Velux blackout blinds
  • Venetian Velux blinds
  • Velux energy blinds,
  • External Velux blinds
  • Children’s Velux blinds

After selecting your preferred Velux blinds, you have the option to choose the method of operation that best suits your needs. Apart from the manual operation, these blinds also come with an electric and solar-powered option, which can be controlled by the Velux Integra control pad. This is especially useful if your blinds are installed in hard-to-reach areas.

Contact us today to receive a quote for Velux roof windows.

Roof windows repairs in Thorne

Our Thorne-based roof windows company offers affordable and comprehensive solutions for servicing and repairing skylights and roof windows. Our expert team can help fix leaks, replace hinges and re-glaze your windows with new double or triple-glazed units. Even if your 10-year Velux window guarantee has expired, we have the expertise to extend the life of your windows. All our specialists are Velux Academy-trained, ensuring that we are knowledgeable about these windows inside and out.

Why Choose our Thorne Roof Windows Specialists?

Our Thorne-based roof windows company has been serving customers from a variety of sectors for many years. We cater to homeowners, landlords, property managers, and commercial clients alike.

We believe in offering a comprehensive service to our customers. From the moment you contact us, we will be on hand to guide you through the process of selecting or repairing your windows. Our team is always available to provide information and advice, and we are happy to provide a no-obligation quotation for the design, supply, installation, or repair of your roof windows.

Our range of Velux windows and roof windows services

Our comprehensive range of services includes roof windows installations, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. We are delighted to offer free consultations and quotations.

Servicing Velux windows:

Our team of roof window experts are capable of carrying out a variety of servicing tasks to ensure that your Velux windows are functioning properly and dependably. This will bring numerous benefits, such as extending the lifespan of your windows, enhancing energy efficiency, and minimizing noise pollution.

Upgrading Velux windows:

Are your Velux windows outdated and in need of an upgrade? Our team can replace them with the latest models, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum functionality. With no need for external scaffolding in most cases, we can install identically sized or larger windows that are more energy-efficient, brighter, and provide a modern finish.

Repairing Velux windows:

Our team of experts is capable of repairing any kind of issue or problem you may be experiencing with your roof windows. This includes replacing broken or inefficient glazing panes, vent bars and handles, as well as repairing or upgrading remote controls and electrical components. Additionally, we can also fix any draughts or leaks that you may be experiencing.

Triple Velux glazing:

Skylights and roof windows offer a variety of glazing options, including the option of triple glazing. Triple glazing can improve your property’s insulation and save money on fuel bills while also reducing noise pollution if you live in a busy area or under a flight path.


Our roof windows are designed to provide excellent sound insulation and offer extreme heat insulation as well. This ensures that your property is not only warmer but also a more peaceful environment.

Reglazing Velux windows:

We provide replacement or reglazing services for your Velux windows if the glazing has failed. Our service comes with a 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that the glazing will last.


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