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Velux-Trained Installers and Roof Windows Specialists In Beverley

If you require roof windows for your converted loft, pitched roof, or new kitchen extension in Beverley, the team at Yorkshire Roof Windows can provide assistance. Our range of Velux services ensures that your project is handled by experts and completed to a high standard.

Our team is a trained Velux installer and maintenance specialist, having received expert training from the premium roof windows brand. While there are other brands in the market such as Roto and Keylite, we always recommend Velux to our customers. Velux stands out due to its exceptional quality and features, including:

  • Velux windows are an industry leader in roof windows, with a track record of 80 years of quality, reliability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Velux offers a broad range of window options, including top-hung roof windows, centre-pivot windows, conservation windows, Cabrio balcony windows, roof terrace windows, flat roof windows, pitched roof windows, roof domes, and sun tunnels.
  • All Velux windows are customizable to meet specific requirements, and our team can provide expert advice on the best options for your needs.
  • Velux continues to innovate with new technology, such as their ThermoTechnology insulating properties and their Velux Integra range, offering mains and solar-powered roof windows and associated accessories.
  • Choosing our Velux-trained team ensures excellent customer service from start to finish.

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Velux Installations by Yorkshire Roof Windows In Beverley

Your home or commercial property in Beverley deserves nothing but the best and we hope to bring that to your door. We will always ensure that any Velux installation goes smoothly from start to finish.

We comply with regular and stringent checks and assessments and also can offer support and advice about Velux products at any time. Our team does have extensive knowledge of all the products, which sets us apart from other roof windows companies in the area.

Roof windows offer around three times the amount of light as vertical windows and are ideal for all types of spaces including unconverted and converted loft spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, extensions, garages, outbuildings, commercial properties, and more. They will create a light and bright space, meaning you can save money on your fuel bills. Most loft roof windows can be installed without the need for planning permission.

Blind Replacements by Velux-Trained Specialists In Beverley

At Yorkshire Roof Windows, we have a team of Velux-trained specialists who can replace and install new blinds for your windows in Beverley. Velux is a trusted name in roof windows, known for their style, engineering, and aesthetics. Our experienced window team can also supply and fit Velux blinds that match your requirements, property, and style.

Velux blinds offer numerous benefits to users, including improving energy efficiency and giving you control over light in your property. These blinds can be operated manually or with the use of electric or solar-powered windows, making it easy to open and close your blinds with the touch of a button.

There are various Velux window blind styles available, including:

  • Slimline blinds: Slimline blinds come in 8 product types and 97 styles and colours that complement any interior. These blinds offer over 99% blackout, making them perfect for rooms where you require complete darkness, such as bedrooms.
  • Blackout blinds: Might you necessitate substitution blackout blinds? This variant is compatible with roof windows fitted before 2013 and is obtainable in a number of appropriate colour selections.

We provide the installation of new blinds in various domestic and commercial properties, catering to different styles and requirements. Our roof window blinds come with a 2 or 3-year guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind. For further details, kindly contact us at your convenience.

Beverley Replacing and Repairing Velux Windows and Roof Lights  

At Yorkshire Roof Windows, we offer a wide range of services for Velux upgrades, renewals, repairs, and replacements. Although Velux windows are typically guaranteed for 10 years and have a long lifespan, issues may arise, or you may wish to upgrade to a newer model.

Our team specializes in roof window and roof light repairs and maintenance, including re-glazing, fixing leakages, or correcting issues with mechanisms such as stiff joints. We conduct a thorough Velux assessment and provide expert advice on whether repair or replacement is the most suitable option.

Beverley Velux Blinds and Accessories Fitted

Enhancing the amount of natural light in your residential or commercial property in Beverley can completely change its ambience. However, there might be situations where you would prefer to regulate the amount of light that enters your space.

We present a Velux blind fitting service in Beverley that allows you to diffuse or entirely obstruct the light. Our blinds are exclusively crafted for Velux windows, ensuring a perfect and seamless installation.

Our range of Velux windows and roof windows services

Our comprehensive range of services includes roof windows installations, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. We are delighted to offer free consultations and quotations.

Servicing Velux windows:

Our team of roof window experts are capable of carrying out a variety of servicing tasks to ensure that your Velux windows are functioning properly and dependably. This will bring numerous benefits, such as extending the lifespan of your windows, enhancing energy efficiency, and minimizing noise pollution.

Upgrading Velux windows:

Are your Velux windows outdated and in need of an upgrade? Our team can replace them with the latest models, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum functionality. With no need for external scaffolding in most cases, we can install identically sized or larger windows that are more energy-efficient, brighter, and provide a modern finish.

Repairing Velux windows:

Our team of experts is capable of repairing any kind of issue or problem you may be experiencing with your roof windows. This includes replacing broken or inefficient glazing panes, vent bars and handles, as well as repairing or upgrading remote controls and electrical components. Additionally, we can also fix any draughts or leaks that you may be experiencing.

Triple Velux glazing:

Skylights and roof windows offer a variety of glazing options, including the option of triple glazing. Triple glazing can improve your property’s insulation and save money on fuel bills while also reducing noise pollution if you live in a busy area or under a flight path.


Our roof windows are designed to provide excellent sound insulation and offer extreme heat insulation as well. This ensures that your property is not only warmer but also a more peaceful environment.

Reglazing Velux windows:

We provide replacement or reglazing services for your Velux windows if the glazing has failed. Our service comes with a 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that the glazing will last.


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